Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Quilting History

This wall-hanging piece is already 7 years old but it still looks very lovely. It has been quite a numbers of years since I know about patchwork and started quilting. 

I still remember my first quilt was a log cabin quilt blanket.  Early of the years, I did more blanket and wall hanging projects but now my work is more to bags and purse making.

I can say that during the past 10 years, my interest is growing and changing from time to time.  Now I use a variety of fabrics such as cotton linen and yarn dye to do my patchwork apart from cotton fabric.

Patchwork and quilt making is so enjoying and satisfying, It involves so many different methods of creativity that each project inspires the next. This is probably because of that, it keeps me busy after so many years!

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