Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Lovely Girl with Little Lovely hand made Bag

  Andrea is holding a little lovely bag with a happy smile in her face.  She is always my super model for my bag.
 I love to do applique and I enjoy doing it.  Most of the time my hand made bag, wall hanging or even blanket which you can see there include picture like house, tree, bear... So my hand made pieces look like paintings!
Anyone interested in my handicrafts, don't hesitate to contact me through e-mail.


  1. Andrea is the perfect girl to model your wonderful creations! How many bags have you made already? I admire you for having the talent to do make such wonderful items!

  2. Don’t you just have the perfect model for your bags, VIvian? :) This one’s really cute – the bag and Andrea herself. I love how she held the bag, which the design is very appropriate for her age. No wonder she’s so willing to pose for you! :) And that thing she did with her right foot just made her look so sweet. :*

    1. Thank you for your complements. She is my ever ready supermodel :) She also loves to take photos of her toys, her little brother with different posing using her toy camera. She likes to imitate me taking photos of my products:)